There is plenty to see and do, in a popular holiday destination such as Perth. If you are planning a trip away in Australia, then it is well worth paying it a visit, to see the sights. TravelUp Reviews, consider some of the best tourist attractions to see while staying in Perth.

TravelUp Reviews: Tourist attractions in Popular Holiday Destinations

The Perth Metropolis

Perth is a convenient for holidaymakers, due to the location. The city is filled with charm and more than enough restaurants, bars and entertainment for everyone. Perth’s major appeal lies in the fact that the tourist attractions, which surround the metropolis, are so easily accessible.

Kings Park and Botanic GardenKings Park and Botanic Garden TravelUp Reviews

Kings Park is located in western Perth. TravelUp Reviews found that the massive park is comprised of 400 acres of bush and meticulously maintained botanic gardens. Here there is an amazing tree top experience, where you can walk along the West Federation Walkway.

A guided walk will take you on a journey, exploring a fascinating Aboriginal heritage. Admission to the Kings Park and Botanic Garden is free of charge. This park is highly recommended.

The Museum of Western Australia

The Museum of Western Australia is an amazing place for both children and adults to enjoy. There are vast collections of exhibits, of all kinds. They range from dinosaur fossils to meteorites. There are tools here which were once used by early man. The interesting Discovery Centre is a place where you can experience the collections by touching them.

TravelUp Reviews Coversham Wildlife ParkCoversham Wildlife Park

The Coversham Wildlife Park is a must see attraction for animal lovers the world over. Here you can join in with the animal feeding activities. The park is home to some of the following species of indigenous animals. There are: koalas, kangaroos, dingoes and emus to name only a few.

Perth Mint

Perth Mint is among the oldest working mints, still around today. The greatest gold nugget in Australia is housed at the mint. There is also the largest exhibition of gold bars, the world has ever seen. Be genuinely moved, by this mighty display of sparkling Australian gold.

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