Dubai is a dazzling city of skyscrapers that rise impossibly over the desert sands around. Dubai has been home to the tallest skyscrapers in the world, the largest hotels and even the highest fountain in anywhere on Earth. One of Dubai’s most spectacular achievements however has been its creation of several vast artificial tropical island paradises.

Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali islands are a pair of giant sand constructions that spread out into the Persian Gulf in the shape of two palm trees. Each island has been constructed by land reclamation which has been a process of simply digging up loads of sand from the sea bed and neighbouring coastland and piling it all up to create brand new stable islands. Each palm consists of a hefty central trunk, a number of fronds spilling out both sides and an encircling crescent island that acts as a breakwater. Although the island of Jebel Ali has been laid, construction hasn’t begun on many of its amenities yet; its neighbouring Palm Jumeirah is fully built and thriving.Travelup ReviewsPalm Jumeirah has a total of sixteen fronds, each line with luxurious and spacious villas for the city’s multi-millionaire residents. Palm Jumeirah is also home to a number of hotels, spas, an aquatic theme park, two marinas and a monorail to link them all together. Most famous of Palm Jumeirah’s landmarks is the Atlantis Hotel, a gigantic structure that lies at the head of the encircling islands above the palm’s crown.

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Palm islands aren’t all Dubai can boast however. Further out to sea can be seen an even larger archipelago of islands specifically built to form the shape of the Earth. From the air, it makes a remarkable sight, from sea level it’s even stranger, though as the incomplete project is currently just a cluster of totally flat little sand islands. One island, in the vicinity of Lebanon, has however been finished the Royal Island Beach Club that provides the chance to look back for a unique view of the Dubai Skyline.

Dubai is famous as one of the most lavish and spectacular cities in the world. Built almost entirely out of a sudden boom in oil profits during the 1970s and onwards, Dubai is a vigorously enthusiastic expression of opulence and modernistic ingenuity. Hence the owners and architects of Dubai have demonstrated a remarkable obsession with building the very biggest and most impressive spectacles in the world, and they have not disappointed. The Burj Khalifa building is by far the tallest manmade structure of all time and a testament to the ambition of the people of Dubai.

TravelupThroughout its brief history Dubai has been home to numerous structures that were the world’s tallest in their day. The Burj al Arab hotel was the tallest hotel and its iconic design means it’s still one of the most recognisable skyscrapers in the world today.

The Burj Khalifa has taken skyscrapers to a new level though. Standing at an incredible 829.8 metres it is over 300 metres taller than the next tallest skyscraper, the Taipei 101. The Burj Khalifa has over 160 floors, the world’s highest nightclub, restaurant and a whopping 24,348 windows. Separate from the central Dubai skyline, the Burj Khalifa rises impressively out of the new 2 square kilometre industrial park called Downtown Dubai.

Although the Burj Khalifa is largely dedicated to over a thousand offices, visitors are welcome. The Burj Khalifa is complete with a set of restaurants, a nightclub and the world’s second highest swimming pool. The Burj Khalifa’s greatest attraction has to be its observation deck. The outdoor observation deck grants visitors unbelievable views not only over the impressive skyline of Dubai, but across the endless stretches of Arabian Desert that Dubai sits in.

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For those who have never visited this magnificent city in the UAE, there is certainly a lot of opinion flying around about the destination. While it is true that Dubai can thank its rich oil reserves for its kick start into splendour, these days most of the financial support of the city can be credited to the booming tourism industry; and subsequent real estate market. Dubai has modelled itself as one of the most visited cities in the world, attracting holiday makers and business travellers from across the globe.

While visiting the city, you will never want for visual attractions, especially if urban skylines are your thing. Known to some as the “City of Skyscrapers”, Dubai is home to the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world located in the Downtown Dubai district of the city. The structure is a combination of commercial office space and luxury private residences, but does offer an observation deck to the public – boasting some of the most dramatic, breathtaking views available on the planet.

Dubai opened its Miracle Garden in February of 2013, the world’s largest natural flower garden, though the garden will be closed from May through September annually due to the high temperatures that can average in the low 100′s Fahrenheit. Because of this tendency to be uncomfortably hot, Dubai also offers state of the art air conditioning in most modern buildings, and plenty of indoor activities to keep you dazzled during your summer stay. The restaurant scene is delightfully diverse, featuring fine dining cuisine from all over the globe. Dubai is home to some of the most sought after wine lists in the world, made possible by the deep pockets of many visitors. Some of the most popular spots include the French La Petit Maison, Japanese haunt, Okku, and classic Italian at Robertos. If your budget doesn’t stretch to that, there are still some authentic market stalls to be found if you go off the beaten track.

Dubai Museum is another way to take in the local culture, and it is located in the oldest building in the city, the Al Fahidi Fort. Once you’ve enjoyed the artifacts, there’s plenty of shopping from street markets to high end boutique shops to keep you occupied.

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