For those who have never visited this magnificent city in the UAE, there is certainly a lot of opinion flying around about the destination. While it is true that Dubai can thank its rich oil reserves for its kick start into splendour, these days most of the financial support of the city can be credited to the booming tourism industry; and subsequent real estate market. Dubai has modelled itself as one of the most visited cities in the world, attracting holiday makers and business travellers from across the globe.

While visiting the city, you will never want for visual attractions, especially if urban skylines are your thing. Known to some as the “City of Skyscrapers”, Dubai is home to the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world located in the Downtown Dubai district of the city. The structure is a combination of commercial office space and luxury private residences, but does offer an observation deck to the public – boasting some of the most dramatic, breathtaking views available on the planet.

Dubai opened its Miracle Garden in February of 2013, the world’s largest natural flower garden, though the garden will be closed from May through September annually due to the high temperatures that can average in the low 100′s Fahrenheit. Because of this tendency to be uncomfortably hot, Dubai also offers state of the art air conditioning in most modern buildings, and plenty of indoor activities to keep you dazzled during your summer stay. The restaurant scene is delightfully diverse, featuring fine dining cuisine from all over the globe. Dubai is home to some of the most sought after wine lists in the world, made possible by the deep pockets of many visitors. Some of the most popular spots include the French La Petit Maison, Japanese haunt, Okku, and classic Italian at Robertos. If your budget doesn’t stretch to that, there are still some authentic market stalls to be found if you go off the beaten track.

Dubai Museum is another way to take in the local culture, and it is located in the oldest building in the city, the Al Fahidi Fort. Once you’ve enjoyed the artifacts, there’s plenty of shopping from street markets to high end boutique shops to keep you occupied.

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