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Travelup ReviewsNew York is one of the world’s major cities and is a financial and cultural powerhouse on the international stage. There are so many attractions in New York and it can be difficult to decide what to do when time is limited. Travelup Reviews has produced the following list of five places to visit to ensure that travellers have the most fulfilling holiday possible:

1. The New York City Skyline From The Empire State Buliding

Countless movies have immortalised the inimitable skyline of New York, and its stunning vistas of skyscrapers and twinkling lights are familiar to people from across the globe. Nothing can prepare the tourist for the spellbinding experience of witnessing the New York skyline first-hand, however, and one of the best places to view the shimmering city scape is from the observation deck of the Empire State Building’s 86th storey.

Alternatively, the Top of the Rock deck at the very top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza is equally exhilarating, with wonderful 360 degree views of the whole of Manhattan.

2. Times Square

No visit to New York would be complete without a walk past the billboards and bright lights of Times Square. Tourists can enjoy a Broadway show, shop in one of Times Square’s flagship department stores, or simply take a moment to marvel at the effervescent spirit of New York.

3. Central Park

With over 840 acres of lakes, meadows and woods, Central Park is the quintessential

urban park. This Manhattan oasis includes a zoo, a carousel, a theatre and skating rink, and is a natural paradise in the heart of New York.

4. Museums

Museum Mile, which stretches from East 82nd East 105th Streets, is a world class centre of culture, with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of the City of New York amongst the plethora of art galleries and museums on offer.

5. Brooklyn Bridge

A triumph of engineering and construction, Brooklyn Bridge is an emblem of New York’s enterprising energy. From wherever the Brooklyn Bridge is viewed, it is a masterpiece of design and execution.

Bangkok skylineBangkok is known around the world as an energetic, vibrant and eclectic holiday destination. The mixture of backpacking paradise, luxury hotels and Buddhist temples means there is more to Bangkok than meets the eye. At face value you might find it hard to see past the night life, but once you dip below the surface of this Thai city you will soon find there is much more on offer.


One of the sights that you won’t want to miss, is the Grand Palace. Situated just a few minutes from the clubs and bars on Khao San Road, the palace itself is a silent Eden retreat which is perfect for reflecting on all the good and bad in the world. You will find golden temples and giant bejewelled warriors who guard the Emerald Buddha within. Make sure you take of your shoes before entering, and keep the soles of your feet pointed away from the statue. This is one offensive gesture you will want to avoid across the whole of Thailand.

Back on the Khao San Road you will find all of the backpack necessities you could wish for. Families will be welcome there too, if they are happy to wind between the endless bars, tattoo parlours and hippy shops. It is worth it for the street food. You can pick up fantastic Pad Thai for as little as 20 baht. And if you aren’t with your family you might want to treat yourself to a luxurious massage or take a look at the locals fighting it out in the kick boxing arenas.


If you are a big fan of Thai food you can’t go wrong booking yourself in to one of the many Thai cookery schools in the centre of town. You’ll get the chance to learn a few tips as well as tasting more dishes then you might choose if you picked them out for yourself. If you don’t fancy that, then you can’t do much worse than eating every meal from the food stalls anyway.


Bangkok shrineBangkok is one of those travel destinations where you can do almost anything you can imagine. Book your Thai holiday today with Travelup; to expand your horizons and live life to the full.
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In the cosmopolitan city of Sydney, it’s impossible to be bored; regardless of whether you prefer sports, culture, art, fine cuisine or nature, you’ll be able to find something to keep you entertained in this city. In this article, we have compiled a collection of Travelup customers’ top attractions in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the perfect place to start exploring the city; you can opt for a formal cruise around the waters here, or simply hop on a ferry for a more casual excursion, and take in the beautiful sights of the city and the bridge itself. You can of course, walk on the bridge too; a stroll along it will take you from Luna Park, to Kirribilli, to The Rocks. Pier One, location close to Circular Quay, is usually best for a leisurely walk, whilst Milsons Point is better if you want a more invigorating outdoor experience.

Whilst Bondi Beach is a favourite with many Travelup clients, Palm Beach is the perfect choice for those who prefer a more peaceful beach visit. This is where many of the scenes for the famous Australian soap opera Home & Away have been filmed and is a spot around which many Sydney residents choose to retire, as it is such as calm, quiet and beautiful spot. Take a dip in the warm waters, enjoy a picnic or simply take a snooze under the hot sun!

TravelupIf you love nature, then a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens is a must. Just a short walk from the Sydney Opera House with views of the harbour from the hilltops, and the large exotic trees provide some wonderfully cool shade during the hot afternoons. There are a number of themed areas within this area, including the Herb Garden, the Oriental Garden and Palm Grove, and the plants housed here are extremely rare and beautiful.

Travelup reviews of Sydney almost always mention the Australian Museum; this building houses a huge collection of anthropological and natural history artefacts. Each exhibit is displayed thematically – the Aboriginal display is by far the most popular, and is considered by many experts to be one of the best of its kind in the world. The museum also takes a keen interest in the biodiversity and natural environment of Australia, and aims to educate the public about the cultures and natural resources of the country.

There is plenty to see and do, in a popular holiday destination such as Perth. If you are planning a trip away in Australia, then it is well worth paying it a visit, to see the sights. TravelUp Reviews, consider some of the best tourist attractions to see while staying in Perth.

TravelUp Reviews: Tourist attractions in Popular Holiday Destinations

The Perth Metropolis

Perth is a convenient for holidaymakers, due to the location. The city is filled with charm and more than enough restaurants, bars and entertainment for everyone. Perth’s major appeal lies in the fact that the tourist attractions, which surround the metropolis, are so easily accessible.

Kings Park and Botanic GardenKings Park and Botanic Garden TravelUp Reviews

Kings Park is located in western Perth. TravelUp Reviews found that the massive park is comprised of 400 acres of bush and meticulously maintained botanic gardens. Here there is an amazing tree top experience, where you can walk along the West Federation Walkway.

A guided walk will take you on a journey, exploring a fascinating Aboriginal heritage. Admission to the Kings Park and Botanic Garden is free of charge. This park is highly recommended.

The Museum of Western Australia

The Museum of Western Australia is an amazing place for both children and adults to enjoy. There are vast collections of exhibits, of all kinds. They range from dinosaur fossils to meteorites. There are tools here which were once used by early man. The interesting Discovery Centre is a place where you can experience the collections by touching them.

TravelUp Reviews Coversham Wildlife ParkCoversham Wildlife Park

The Coversham Wildlife Park is a must see attraction for animal lovers the world over. Here you can join in with the animal feeding activities. The park is home to some of the following species of indigenous animals. There are: koalas, kangaroos, dingoes and emus to name only a few.

Perth Mint

Perth Mint is among the oldest working mints, still around today. The greatest gold nugget in Australia is housed at the mint. There is also the largest exhibition of gold bars, the world has ever seen. Be genuinely moved, by this mighty display of sparkling Australian gold.

There’s no better way to unwind and get back to nature than to set up your tent, light a campfire and doze off beneath the stars. However, your camping destinations needn’t be limited to the local woods – there’s a whole world full of incredible places for camping, and in this article, Travelup discusses some of the best.

MoroccoVisitors to Morocco will often take a day trip to the Sahara Desert, but few realise that this is actually a prime camping spot. For the full Saharan experience, Travelup reviews recommends that visitors trek by camel out to the desert, and camp out in the sands in a traditional nomadic campsite. These encampments range come from comfortable and basic, to full blown luxury tents. Most camping trips to the Sahara are done with the help of a guide, and meals will usually be included in the trip. This is definitely a more unique camping experience – surrounded by the vast desert landscape, tucked away at the foothills of the desert dunes, this is an experience which you won’t want to miss out on.

AustraliaAustralia is another excellent destination for camping; just a short drive from the city of Sydney you’ll find a park called Blue Mountains. This is one of the country’s prime camping areas. Home to waterfalls, lush green forests and jagged cliffs, campers here love to go rock climbing, hiking, swimming and mountain biking. There are several areas in which to camp inside this enormous park, however camping spots do fill up quickly during the summer months.

Yellowstone National ParkIf you love wander along hiking trails by foot or by bike, Travelup says that the world famous Yellowstone National park is the perfect camping destination, with more than 8500 square kilometres of stunning wild landscape to explore. Campers won’t be short of a stunning backdrop in front of which they can pitch their tents, with the park’s volcanic mountains, crystal clear rivers, glassy lakes and vast canyons. For those who don’t want to brave the infamous solar showers, the camping areas close to the regions hot springs are perfect.

Travelup Reviews- Acommodation Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an incredibly popular tourist destination, which attracts millions of tourists every year. Because of this, there is a huge variety of hotels, hostels and guesthouses for visitors to choose from; more than 130,000 in fact. This city has accommodation to fit everyone’s budget and tastes; from cosy little inns and luxury holiday apartments, to basic motels and mega resorts, this city has it all.

For those that want to keep things simple, Las Vegas has a great selection of chain motels and hotels, which provide guests with comfortable surroundings and an efficient service, all at a reasonable price. This is a good option for those who want to know exactly what kind of room they’ll be staying at before they arrive; with chain hotels, there’re rarely any surprises in terms of the quality of the accommodation. Some of the most popular chain hotels in this city include the Marriot, the Ramada, Best Western and the Holiday Inn however there’s also good value to be found in some of the suit hotels such as Embassy Suites, Courtyard and Residence Inns. In this hotels, guests are provide with an attached kitchenette and a separate living room; they tend to cost slightly more than a standard hotel room, but are great for those who are staying for longer periods, or for those who want to cook their own food.

Las Vegas is probably most famous for its large resort hotels, in which you’ll find shopping promenades, nightclubs, restaurants and of course, casinos. For visitors who want to avoid the city’s gambling hotels, there are plenty of standard resort hotels to be found close to the Convention Centre; these have been designed specifically for business and family travellers.

The most opulent hotels in the city are situation either downtown or along the Strip; this is where you’ll find the theme hotels and attractions. Examples of some of the classic Las Vegas hotels include Caesars Palace and Flamingo.There are some newer hotels in these areas which tend to promote their amenities rather than their gimmicks; at these resorts, you’ll be tempted with fine dining, upscale shopping and luxury in house health spas. The Bellagio for example is styled much like the contemporary hotels found in Europe, with plenty of polished marble and gilded embellishments.

The downtown area of Las Vegas is home to some of the city’s most lavish casino hotels, although the entertainment and dining options of these hotels tends to be more limited than what you would find along the Strip. As a general rule, the facilities of hotels like these tend to overshadow the hotel service, so do bear in mind that most of the hotels in Las Vegas will provide modern, clean accommodation and plenty of things to do, but will rarely over-deliver in terms of service.